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We are looking for a Freelance Video Designer for R&D of our debut show 'It's a Motherf**king Pleasure' (Winner of the LET Greenwich Theatre Award)

15 days @ £200pd (negotiable) R&D Starting 1st August, previews at Greenwich Theatre 14th & 15th September 

Mainstream culture picks and chooses aspects of marginalised groups to be made cool or sexy but disability hasn't been made sexy... yet. 'It's a Motherf**king Pleasure' is an irreverent dark comedy looking at the pervasive monetisation of identity through the lens of disability. We will be making the show with integrated access at the core of the process. We will be developing the show over a 4 week period during August with work-in-progress showings at Greenwich Theatre in September.

We see video as an exciting and integral way of telling this story. We are keen to be playful with your ideas and are looking to collaborate with someone who is interested in developing a video language with us for the show. We are particularly interested in hearing from applicants who are excited in the use of video for comedy, integrating captions in an innovative way and live feed. 

You do not need to be experienced in disability-led theatre, just have a genuine interest and curiosity in making accessible work. As part of our project, all creatives will be paid to take part in our workshop on access tools in a rehearsal room.

If interested please email: Include the following: CV A bit about yourself (either through email, a video or audio message) Any dates that you aren't available from July-August If the above method of applying is not accessible to you please DM us or email us and we can arrange a way that works for you! 



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